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Talk with Renee Dalo

May 21, 2020

Community is so important, now more than ever. In this episode, I chat with Cyndie Spiegel, creator and community organizer of Dear Grown Ass Women. Cyndie talks about the power of conversation and how during this time of quarantine, the opportunities to connect are still there. So if you’re looking to connect outside your comfort zone and start igniting conversations you thought you’d never have with people you would have never thought to meet, this is the episode for you. 


5:24 You're a Grown-Ass Woman 
7:30 Future of Community 
10:02 The Value of Diverse Conversations 
18:25 Deep Connections are Forming 
24:37 It's a Privilege to be Bored 
26:56 How to Explore Communities 
28:42 A Year of Positive Thinking