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Talk with Renee Dalo

May 7, 2020

If recovering from the current pandemic has got you worried about pricing, then take a seat and listen in. I talk with Liene Stevens, founder and CEO of Think Splendid, author, speaker and professional wedding industry expert. Taking a look at where we are now, Liene helps navigate those ‘what ifs’ in how to look at your pricing strategy, both now and in the future. She lays down some amazing perspectives on what to expect once the dust clears, giving you perhaps a fresh perspective on how you conduct your business as a whole. 


4:25 Covid-19 Thoughts 
9:30 financial Impact 
13:50 Pricing in the Face of a Pandemic 
21:47 value-based and dynamic pricing 
27:55 Celebrity Weddings 
30:32 Adjusting Your Pricing 
41:05 Recreation Planner 
52:13 Protecting Your Brands Valuer 
1:03:24 Working Every Weekend