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Talk with Renee Dalo

Dec 22, 2023

Do you feel like you need a reset after this past year? I get it - 2023 was a wild ride for me too. In this week's episode of Talk with Renee Dalo, I share my best tips for resting, reflecting, and resetting during the holiday season so you start 2024 feeling refreshed.

In a truly hot take, I suggest putting goal-setting on hold and instead using December to recharge through meditation, journaling, gentle walks in nature, and even *gasp* doing nothing. I know, the overachiever in us hates that idea! But rushing into ambitious New Years plans without slowing down first often backfires. January is soon enough to dream big dreams for the year ahead.

To help with that, inside my "Better" membership we devote the entire month to intentional, thoughtful goal-setting and vision boarding. Then we check in monthly so you stay on track through 2024! The point is that hurriedly forcing goals right now may not serve your future self. So be "selfish" and make time for self-care this season!  You deserve this gift. Wishing you rest and renewal during the remainder of 2023, my friend!

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