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Talk with Renee Dalo

Dec 9, 2022

We can sometimes get too comfortable with our brand; what we offer, our website, our pricing, and our look. But it's important to adapt because, as the pandemic has taught every small business owner and entrepreneur, we need expect change. Today, I chat with brand expert Kaleigh Wiese about how to to put the ADAPT in your brand. Kaleigh talks about utilizing all of your skillsets and finding ways you can encorporate all of your interests into your business. Knowing your goals and your purpose is so important when you first get started, but so is knowing when that purpose might change. So, if you're tired of the same old same old, grab a notebook and some coffee and let's talk it out.


Topics Covered:

What is an adaptive brand?
Taking the space to recalibrate
going through difficult times
preparing for wider growth
Risk and pillars
What you can build on to your career
Being a lighthouse
Holiday branding tips
Brand magic society