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Talk with Renee Dalo

Nov 17, 2022

Legacy is a BIG (and sometimes) scary word. But it's one we would love to embrace for ourselves, both personally and in our business. In this episode, I chat with one of my best PR besties, Meghan Ely, all about how to set up your brand legacy; how it relates to you, your business and your vision. Meghan takes us through the ups and downs of what carving out a legacy can bring. So if you are feeling lost or just down-right stuck on how you can start to build on the legacy you want, this is the episode for you.


Topics Covered:

Legacy is a big word
What is a legacy as it relates to your career
Tips for what you want your legacy to be
How does leadership play a role?
Idea's that damage
What if you're not satisfied?
We're all in charge of out own lives
Your legacy