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Talk with Renee Dalo

Jul 9, 2020

In the episode, I talk with 18 year wedding planning expert Tasha Bracken of Tasha Bracken Events. With more than a decade under her belt in the wedding industry, Tasha and I go over the top 10 business lessons we’ve learned from doing things wrong before ever doing them right. This episode is full of amazing tips and experiences that we share about our struggles in the event planning world.  

Topics Covered

Uncertainty in the Future of the Wedding Industry 

Having a Mentor 

Discovering Your Brand Identity 

Know Your Ideal Client 

Network of Referrals 

Learn to say No! 

Create an Intentional Client Experience 

Outsource What You Don’t Like to Do 

Be Careful What. You Put Out in the World 

Off-boarding Clients 

Boundaries with Clients